What are the benefits of hiring a Public Adjuster?

Team of public adjusters you can trust to maximize your recovery from losses.

Expert Appraisals

Once your emergency situation is under control, we'll notify your insurance company immediately to expedite your claim. As we compile your claim, National Public Adjusters will list dozens of items you might have overlooked. We consider all the important factors in valuing your damage, such as craftsmanship, quality of materials, inflation and condition. Most importantly, we organize all the materials, from photos to estimates, into a clear presentation that will meet all of your insurance companies requirements.

Tip the Scales in your Favor

When you hire NPA to protect your interests you have an expert on your side who has the tools, knowledge and experience necessary in dealing with the Insurance Company Adjusters. remember, company Adjusters are paid by the Insurance Company and are interested in reducing your claim to a minimal amount. This could cost you money. Don't be caught short! Hire an expert to represent you.

Licensed and Bonded

Each and every adjuster that works for National Public Adjusters is licensed and tested by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and fully bonded. They are familiar with every Insurance Company doing business in the State and will organize your claim accordingly.

No Settlement and No Fee

If, for any reason National Public Adjusters in not able to successfully settle your claim, You owe Nothing! Our fee is based on a small percentage of the settlement and our guardian effort will get you a settlement that will more than support our fee.

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